Our Books

Since 2000, Kate’Art Editions has been on a mission: to help children learn about art while having fun! 

The format of the books is small and user-friendly, the text is straightforward, concise, informative and playful! Each book is re-read and approved by world experts and children. 

Our books are designed to encourage families and schools to visit museums.

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Happy Museum!, because going to a museum should be like going to a party!

Learn as you become an artist or an explorer!

Whether they are guides to museums, catalogues for temporary exhibitions, or books on individual artists, ‘Happy Museum!’ books are great accessories for children, their families and teachers, on trips to a museum, an exhibition, at home or in school. 

The approach taken is playful and interactive, so that the child can learn while having fun! The books are peppered with games, comments, food for thought, opportunities for creativity and drawing, and concepts from art history. They help children to assimilate ideas which might seem complicated or abstract: techniques or theories such as ‘still life’, ‘watercolour’ or ‘Impressionism’.  

Age: 4+, and the whole family (parents, grandparents, teachers)

Size: 16.5 x 22 cm, portrait format

32 pages, with colour illustrations

Price : 9.95 €


Color Zen, learn as you colour

Learn while relaxing! A new approach to didactical art therapy.

Children are drawn into pictures as they colour them in themselves! They have fun and really get to know the art, while also learning new words and being asked to spot new things.   

Age: 3+

Format: 16.5 x 22 cm, portrait format - Price : 6,95€ 

Format: 22 x 27 cm - Price : 9,95€

24 pages


Cocott’Art, a game that never dates, teaching more about art

Cut a piece of A4 paper, then fold it and turn it into a paper salt cellar! 

What fun!

Under its ‘flaps’, children can find facts and questions about the picture shown, e.g. ‘Who is Renoir’s fiancée?’

Price : between 2,5 and 3,5 €

Zoom in on a picture

Perfect for learning all about a masterpiece!

A collection which gives you the keys to discovering the secrets of a masterpiece. Designed as plasticised brochures, these ‘zooms’ are easy to take with you to a museum or exhibition.   

For children, and anyone wishing to know more about art

Format: 16.5 x 22 cm, portrait format

8 pages

Price : 5 €