Our project

Kate’Art Editions is a dynamic publishing house, set up in 2000 by the author and founder, Catherine de Duve.

Its aim is to make art and culture accessible to children, families and schools. 


In 2000, a first catalogue for a contemporary art exhibition, part of Bruxelles/Brussel 2000. A small revolution in the art world. The first catalogue specially designed for children.

Why not a whole collection? 

A series…

In 2001, on the advice of Laurent Busine, former director of the MAC museum at the Grand-Hornu (Belgium), Kate’Art Editions launches the ‘Happy Museum!’ collection.

‘Happy Museum!’ will become THE collection following international cultural events in Europe and the world. For the first time, children have their own catalogues, written for and specially geared to them and their families.  

World premieres!

World premieres! The Little Renoir, The Little Ensor, Long Live Art Nouveau, Panamarenko’s Dream, The Little van Gogh in the Borinage, The Little Bonnard, The Little Egon Schiele, The Little Art Brut, The Little Manet, The Little Munch, The Secret of Fernand Khnopff, The Little Waterloo, The Little Klimt, The Little Leonardo de Vinci, The Little Miro, ect. 

Museums throughout the world!

Kate’Art Editions creates individual books for museums, tailored to their own collections, such as Long live Impressionism and Pointillism! Masterpieces of the Musée d’Orsay (Paris), The Little Bonnard for the Bonnard Museum (Le Cannet, France), The Little Lowry for the Lowry Museum (Manchester, UK), The Little Turner for Tate Britain (London), The Little Magritte for the Magritte Museum (Brussels), and The Little Klimt for the Belvedere Gallery, (Vienna) etc.

A new collection

In 2014, a new series, the ‘Color Zen’ collection, is published: colouring books, following in the footsteps of great artists.

Our catalogue now lists more than 150 books, on nearly 40 different artists, with translations into English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese, Russian and Chinese!

Both adults and children love these interactive books, which bring visits to museums and international exhibitions to life.

Culture, art and art history: child’s play!